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A classic with a 3M edge

From sporty to classy with a lace tip and a new lace

Down to earth

Kiss of Death restyle

Rope is absolutely Dope!


Rope is dope started as a hobby-project born from our love of sneakers. Our motivation for this is not selling, but doing what we like. Doing what makes us proud. Doing what we’re good at. This is exactly what we wanted to be when we grew up. We are 100% behind our products and we wouldn’t sell it if we wouldn’t rock it ourselves. As you can see the standard of quality is high. But just check for yourself, we don’t need to tell you nothing right ?

We’re all about the best quality, the best service and the best price. With these 3 things on point there’s no reason not to get you’re laces from us. We’re not shopkeepers by profession, we’re doing this from and for the community. So we’re always open to your suggestions, remarks and compliments. Let us know if there’s something you guys need and we’ll make sure you get it. Not quite certain about a color ? Ask for more pictures. Not sure of what lace to get ? Let us know what sneaker you want to use it for and we’ll send you suggestions for the perfect lace. Not happy about what you bought ? Your money back, no questions asked. We’re not difficult by any means. There’s enough shops being difficult. We’re here for you, sneakerhead to sneakerhead.